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East Chicago’s Stimulus Totals $141,826,000

From the Stimulus Watch

Ah, we can do better than that.

How do you help a community when the Mayor and his cohorts are under indictment. Can you believe the projects he has put forward are critical to the well being of the community?

There are many critical issues that could be addressed with the proper funding. I would like to look at one vital issue – The Grand Calumet River.

East Chicago is home to the Grand Calumet River, considered THE MOST polluted waterway in the country, which feeds into the Lake Michigan – the source of our drinking water. The leading cause contamination – 100 years of INDUSTRY. East Chicago also has the poorest census tracts in the state. Maybe government agencies ought to begin to do something about it. Like a PUBLIC / PRIVATE partnership (before this industry declares bankruptcy and wiggles out of responsibility).

After 30 years of the Clear Water Act not a single effort has been initiated to clear this body of water -The plans are there, the funding is not.  So why isn’t cleaning of the Grand Calumet river apart of the Stimulus plan? I believe it is shovel ready.

Cleaning this river would stimulate new uses and open opportunities to the communities along its banks. The multipliers of this project are rich with opportunities, but so long as this polluted body of water continues to run through our community, opportunities will run dry. Just a thought.

The Marque project in the region is the Marquette Plan. From a previous post, here is what is happening in Portage: a middle-class community

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