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The Bayh Bulletin: “We Prefer a GOP Budget”

There goes my senator. 

Bayh and Nelson: We Prefer a GOP Budget | TPMDC.

I noted earlier that two of the Senate’s most conservative Democrats–Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson–voted against the Democrats’ budget. That’s not terribly surprising. The resolution wasn’t vulnerable to a filibuster, their votes weren’t strictly necessary, and, whether they were ideologically opposed to the measure that passed, or adhering to the demands of their conservative constituents, or bending to the whims of special interests, voting “no” allows them to say they voted “no” without necessarily wedding themselves to an alternative proposal.

Enter Mike Johanns, the freshman Republican senator from Nebraska whoseamendment preventing the Senate from passing climate change legislation through the reconciliation process passed on Tuesday.

He also authored a different measure–not an amendment, but a “motion to recommitt”–which would have scrapped the budget that passed and replaced it with a much more conservative version. Most significantly, it would have indexed non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending to the expected rate of inflation. It failed 43-55–for all intents and purposes a mirror image of the vote on the final budget resolution. Which is to say that Bayh and Nelson voted for the “Johanns Budget”.

I don’t have all the details of the Johanns budget just yet, but will pass them along when I do. And I’ll place a call for comment to Bayh’s and Nelson’s staffs to see if there’s more to this than simply that the two would have preferred Johann’s budget to the Democrats’.


UPDATE: I noticed on april 8th a sudden increase in hits on the Bayh Bulletin coming from Washington D.C. just saying…

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  1. December 20th, 2015 at 23:48 | #1

    The ECONOMY, stupid. Here’s the pobelrm. Consumption is down demand for goods and services is off. Business doesn’t feel any need to hire, and they don’t have any incentive to expand, build or hire. Business is hoarding capital until things change. All of this hits the government with a double whammy increased need for emergency services (unemployment and food stamps) while revenues decrease.The Kensian answer to break the cycle would be to use government spending to create consumption which results in hiring hiring puts more money in the pipeline which creates even more demand Unfortunately, the Iraq war combined with the Bush tax cuts pushed the deficit high enough for the GOP to exploit a deficit panic with voters. The will for any second stimulus isn’t there and there won’t be any chance particularly after the November elections.We are screwed until 2012. By then, the deficit will actually be to high to discuss a second stimulus (or one large enough to work). We are going to have to pursue this on a class warfare’ basis. Obama and the Democrats in Congress are going to have to come out and say after 2010 you won’t get help you need from your government because the rich won’t pay their share. Higher unemployment and new tent cities and soup kichens are the gift of the GOP. They’ the rich and the GOP who answer their call are to blame for the misery. I believe it’s gonna get miserable the depression is just starting.If the GOP takes the House and Senate, Obama should sign every law they produce but before he does, he should say. This bill is corporate welfare which won’t create jobs but will increase profits for big Business. As Congress cuts benefits for those in need, Obama should say we COULD pay to feed the hungry and heal the sick but the GOP are withholding it for the benefit of the richest 1%. In all this misery, there might be a path that could be made popular with the voters to penalize business for sitting’ on large amounts of capital tax cash that’s retained by business and provide incentives to force business to invest in expansion that creates jobs. In other words push business to use it or lose it’ Invest in business that creates jobs (even at a break-even) or get taxed at a HIGH rate for sitting on profits.The trick would be to make it a populist movement in 2011/12 blame the rich for the lethargic economy and make it stick at the ballot box.

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