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Work in Progress

I tend to work on a body of paintings simultaneously. They are all encaustic and mix media on canvas. As I just commented to a friend I can’t say they are finished yet but some are. Some are just testing ideas. Some are opening new ideas. And some are ready to close an idea or abandon it.

The First four paintings and the last three in this group are 42″ x 48″. The remaining images range from 8″ x 10″ to 22″ x 24″. 

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  1. June 16th, 2009 at 22:11 | #1

    I don’t know what these are like physically and can’t say whether or not it would even matter but in terms of pure imagery they feel profound. Bad abstract painting just moves the eye around, it can even seem like there is nothing wrong with it. Question is, what’s “right” with it? Good painting has intentionality. This need not be overt, conceptual or thematic. It could be the way the eye is lead to places where the space seems to drop off endlessly. A good painting wants you to know something particular about it, It has an intention. Bad ones just have a look. In these paintings there is a curious intention of viewing only a segment of something (divinly) organized but fully infinite. The spatial plane seems to angle and head endlessly somewhere unknown. There is also a sense of technology, the future maybe but I can’t rationalize it. I do not see these at all as complete worlds unto themselves. The cooler paintings are more sucessful for me. The color seems to have a distinct spatial/emotional role with the ‘segment of something much larger’ issue. The warmer ones have a different attitude toward “object and space” and I’m not sure I’ve found what they intend to do. This could be my fault though. Great work!

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