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What I am Looking at: Joyce Owens

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I first came to know Joyce’s work about a decade ago and then again recently when she sat on a panel discussion about southside artists – [ The Invisible Artist – Creators from Chicago’s Southside

For me these paintings make plain the strength of the Human Spirit – in there ambition and worry. I have always loved the portrait. 

Out of the Box Series

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“These paintings are dramatic renditions of the black middle class men and women shown in photographs during the Paris Exposition in 1900… There is a depth to our African American ancestry that we need to be able to build on; the wooden box is a symbol that can both hold the truth and tell the truth.”

 – Joyce Owens

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  1. July 14th, 2009 at 15:50 | #1

    Frank, thanks for sharing my work here. I really think you are a fabulous artist so it flatters me that you like mine!
    I hope you will also look at the new art blog “Chicago Art Now”

    Browse the archives for other writers and previous posts.

    Thanks, Frank!

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