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Case Study: The White City

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I take a look at the cities which are often touted as progressive urban role models, places like Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Austin, and find that one thing that unites these cities is their lack of African Americans. This is in marked contrast to most cities of the Midwest and South. The following chart illustrates:

The Urbanophile: The White City.

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    , I’m not entirely coevnicnd by your argument. You argue that people switch modes based on “relative access” — in other words, if they’re able to get to the store with equal ease using transit and automobiles, there’s no reason that it’s necessary, for instance, to have walkable urbanism to spur transit use.The problem is that streetcar suburbs are usually not dense enough to make the car/transit comparison fair, whether or not you include the negative externalities caused by decades of government support for roads. If you have a neighborhood of only moderate density, you simply cannot provide all-day, very-frequent service — the stuff that makes it feasible for most of the population to live without a car.When you can’t jump on a train or bus every ten minutes at all times of the day, driving a car simply is more convenient — even if you face parking and congestion problems on the way. Remember that streetcars had lost much of their ridership before strip shopping centers took the majority of the market.(The fact that streetcar suburbs declined in density significantly as the number of people per house shrunk, as a commenter pointed out on NAC, made the problem even worse.)This is why I’m such a proponent of neighborhood retail. The ability to walk to the store and other services will always be more convenient than driving. More than that, though, it allows inhabitants of a neighborhood to only really need to leave their communities to get to work. And we all know that it’s much easier for transit providers to offer very good services at peak hours than throughout the day.I postulate that because most streetcar suburbs didn’t offer more such walkable urbanism, peoples’ interest in even taking transit to work declined, simply because they had already realized the advantages of using their automobiles to get to non-neighborhood retail.

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