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[ Ah – Ha ]

I just had an ah – ha moment, for me emotions are not just internal, they have location and I have to spend time with them before I understand from whence they come or how to approach them (time / space relativity). I suppose this is mostly obvious to anyone reading this blog.

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  1. paul
    June 13th, 2011 at 14:31 | #1

    I would guess that you have in mind a lot of things, such as, the way a specific place can ‘trigger’ certain emotions; e.g. the way that returning to the place of one’s childhood can, in a sense, actually transport one’s mind and emotions to childhood, with sometimes bizarre effects on one’s behavior. Spending time in a ‘location’ can be a way of revisiting and resorting, and it can also be a way to update one’s environment, so to speak. It can be very dangerous to visit a place one hasn’t been to for many years, unless one consciously ‘updates’ it, reassociating it to a changed you. That takes some time spent, and some opportunity for reflection.
    When one visits former locations, former associates invariably want to rush you around. But part of what you need is some time, time just to be there quietly, time to reflect. Put differently, the mind and soul need some time to catch up with the body.

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